What Are The 3 Elements Of Service Portfolio?

What is in a service Catalogue?

The Service Catalogue is the only part of the Service Portfolio published to Customers, and is used to support the sale and delivery of IT Services.

The Service Catalogue includes information about deliverables, prices, contact points, ordering and request processes..

How do you create a service catalog?

Here they are:Step 1: Identify Stakeholders. … Step 2: Define Lines of Service. … Step 3: Create a Service Catalog Template. … Step 4: Define and Categorize Services. … Step 5: Publish to Staff and Customers. … Step 6: Integrate the Process and Practice CSI.

Which is not part of service portfolio?

The Service Portfolio consists of three parts: Service Pipeline. Of these three, only the Service Catalogue is visible to the customers and support team. Customers are excluded from the pipeline provisioning process for services under development.

What does service pipeline include?

Service Pipeline consists of services under development. It is a great opportunity to view the direction of a service provider’s growth as it discusses and includes the future services that are currently under development by the service provider.

What is a portfolio definition?

A portfolio is a collection of financial investments like stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, and cash equivalents, including closed-end funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). … A portfolio may contain a wide range of assets including real estate, art, and private investments.

What is the difference between service Catalogue and service portfolio?

Service catalogs are covered in the Service Catalog Management practices under Service Management practices. Service Portfolios are covered inside the Portfolio Management activity under General Management practices.

Which of following is the purpose of service portfolio management?

The purpose of Service Portfolio Management is to create, manage and improve a service portfolio containing a detailed design package for each IT service. … Every service is reviewed within the Continual Service Improvement Process. Through the service portfolio, an information base for a service catalog is provided.

What is Catalogue example?

Catalog means to make a list, be part of a list or to classify. … The definition of a catalog is a list of something, or a book or pamphlet containing a list. An example of a catalog is a library’s list of all of the books it has available. An example of a catalog is a booklet showing everything a store has for sale.

What are the 4 P’s of service design?

People: This refers to the people, skills and competencies involved in the provision of IT services. Products: This refers to the technology and management systems used in IT service delivery. Processes: This refers to the processes, roles and activities involved in the provision of IT services.

What are the generic elements of a process?

The Process Model used in ITIL consists of three major elements: Process Control, the Process itself, and Process Enablers. Process Control contains five elements that define and maintain control over the process; two of these elements are Process Policy and a Process Owner.

What is service transition planning and responsible for?

Service Transition Planning and Support is in charge of planning and coordinating all the resources that the Service Transition processes need to package, build, test, release, deploy, and establish a new or changed service.

What is portfolio management ITIL?

Objective: The objective of ITIL Service Portfolio Management is to manage the service portfolio. This ITIL process ensures that the service provider has the right mix of services to meet required business outcomes at an appropriate level of investment.

What is the service pipeline in ITIL?

The Service Pipeline contains information on services that are under development. These are the future services for an organization, and they will (in due course, following design, development, and testing) be transitioned into the live environment.

What are the elements of service portfolio?

There are three components of a service portfolio: service pipeline, service catalogue, and retired services.

What is the purpose of service Catalogue?

The purpose of Service Catalog Management is to provide and maintain a single source of consistent information on all operational services and to ensure that it is widely available to those who are authorized to access it.

Which is the best description of a service Catalogue?

A service catalogue must include relevant information about the service offered to make the customers understand what is actually conveyed through catalogue. The catalogue is very beneficial to boosts sales and support services.

Which describes service strategy?

Which describes Service Strategy? … develops the capacity to achieve and maintain a strategic advantage to refine and create policies, guidelines, and processes that cross all of the ITIL service life cycle.

How many phases are there in a service life cycle?

five stagesITIL V3 (ITIL 2011) organizes the ITIL processes around the five service lifecycle stages: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement (see fig. 2). Each of the five stages is focused on a specific phase of the service lifecycle: Service Strategy.