Quick Answer: Is Rubicon Sparkling Mango Vegan?

Does Rubicon Mango contain alcohol?

“Rubicon Sparkling Mango is a soft drink, not an alcoholic drink.

The batches that we are recalling are affected by fermentation, which is a natural process..

Does mango juice contain sugar?

Mango contains natural sugar, which can contribute to increased blood sugar levels. However, its supply of fiber and antioxidants may help minimize its overall blood sugar impact.

When was Rubicon founded?

1981Rubicon was founded by Vish Vekaria and Naresh Nagrecha in 1981 and their first product, Rubicon Passionade, was launched in April 1982.

Who owns Rubicon drinks?

A.G. BarrRubicon Drinks/Parent organizations

Where is Rubicon juice from?

Milton KeynesRubicon Drinks Ltd (formerly Rubicon Products Ltd) is a soft drink manufacturer based in Milton Keynes, UK. The company specialises in exotic soft drinks, and produces a variety of different flavours of drink, many of which contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, and which come in both still and sparkling varieties.

Are Rubicon drinks healthy?

Rubicon’s new low-sugar range. For those wanting a healthier alternative to a fizzy drink or fruit drink, it has all of the low calorie and healthier benefits of spring water. …

What is Rubicon Deluxe?

Treat yourself with our Rubicon Deluxe Mango. This rich and indulgent range is true to the original Rubicon recipes introduced over 30 years ago. Rubcon Deluxe is also available in Guava. We make sure that only the finest fruits make it into our drinks for you to enjoy the best flavours.

Why is Rubicon called Rubicon?

The river was so named because its waters are colored red by iron deposits in the riverbed. During the Roman Republic, the river Rubicon marked the boundary between the Roman province of Cisalpine Gaul to the northeast and Italy proper, controlled directly by Rome and its socii (allies), to the south.

Is Rubicon passion fruit vegan?

Rubicon Exotic drink passion fruit1litre Passion Fruit Juice Drink with Sugars & Sweeteners Made with the finest handpicked Passion Fruits for a temptingly tangy intense taste. Suitable for vegans.

Is Rubicon a fizzy drink?

Get your taste buds tingling with our mouth watering sparkling fruit drinks. Made with real fruit juice. … Rubicon Sparkling is also available in Mango Zero Added Sugar, Guava, Passion Fruit, Lychee and Pomegranate. We make sure that only the finest fruits make it into our drinks for you to enjoy the best flavours.

How much sugar does Rubicon Mango have?

NutritionTypical Valuesper 100mlFat0gof which saturates0gCarbohydrate4.7gof which sugars4.5g3 more rows

Who founded Rubicon?

Nareshchandra Gordhandas NagrechaVish VekariaRubicon Drinks/Founders