Quick Answer: Is Live Auction Legit?

What are the best online auction sites?

Here are 30 alternatives to eBay that offer an online auction trading platform for online sellers.uBid.

uBid is a well-known name in online auctions.


MadBid is a U.K.-based auction site.




Pickles Auctions.


The SaleRoom.More items…•.

Is live auction back in Kenya?

Live Auction is Back: Latest Money Making Scheme That Has Made Kenyans Crazy. Kenyans are one funny lot and they will rarely fail to put a smile on your face especially in the streets of social media. … This is after it made a comeback on Wednesday having been unoperational since Friday with millions of money being stuck …

What is live auction cash?

Live Auction is a company that was launched late June where it auctions mpesa shares allowing one to bid amount you had ,then the system allocates you a seller ,and then send the money to and wait for four days by which the money will have appreciated by 30%,whereby you will be sent the money through mobile money(mpesa …

What is live auction Kenya?

Live auction is a secure peer to peer(P2P) onlinex investment platform, where members in the system can bid Live Auction shares and sell them at an interest hence making profit. … You can invest for 4 days, 8 days or 12 days with a 30%, 60% and 95% Return on Interests respectively.

When did live auction start in Kenya?

Now, Live Auction which began sometimes in June, actually, on the Twitter account, it boasts of being ‘launched 27th of June 2020′. It boasted of being a ‘Peer to Peer online investment platform where members buy and sell our shares to Make profit’.

Is live auction cash legit?

Live Auction is legit. It is a peer to peer selling point which exclusively handles the data of shares ownership while payments between peers are made through MPesa or bank payments and payments confirmed on the system to ensure conformity.

How does a live auction work?

A non-profit live auction is a fundraising method where bidders gather in a chosen location to bid for the various items available on sale. Unlike silent auctions, live auctions involve announcing the highest bid by an auctioneer. Bidders are given a chance to bid again until the highest bidder takes the item on sale.

How long does a live auction take?

Factor 1: Time A typical live auction item takes between 3-5 minutes to sell (sometime more, sometimes less). So do the math: Divide that amount of time you want to devote to the live auction by 3.5, for three and a half minutes.

How do I bid at a live auction?

when you bid during the live auction. Live auctions begin at the time indicated on catalog and item pages. To bid live, simply visit the catalog or item at the indicated auction time, and click ‘Enter Live Auction’. You will be taken to the bidding console where the live auction is taking place.

How many items should be in a live auction?

In most cases, live auctions should present 7-12 items at the most. Presenting your guests fewer auction items that have a higher value and will sell well is always better than offering too big of a selection.

Has live auction Kenya collapsed?

Kenyans Lose Millions As “Investment” Company ‘Live Auction Kenya’ Goes Under. Just before the dust settles on the loss made by people globally through a snowballing company Crowd1, thousands of Kenyans are now counting losses after an “investment” company Live Auction Kenya disappeared with millions they “invested”.

What is the best way to bid at an auction?

10 Tips for What to Do at a Live AuctionDo attend the preview. … Do set a maximum you’re willing to spend. … Do check the payment terms before the day of the auction. … Do double-check box lot contents. … Do register for a bidder’s card. … Do dress appropriately. … Do pack a folding chair.More items…•