Quick Answer: How Do I Email The Today Show?

How long does the Today show last?

4 hoursToday (American TV program)TodayRunning time4 hours (weekdays), 2 hours (Saturdays), 1 hour (Sundays)Production companyNBC News ProductionsDistributorNBCUniversal News GroupRelease25 more rows.

How do I email the Today Show Australia?

To send comments, queries or story suggestions to The Morning Show: Please email themorningshow@seven.com.au, or call us on (02) 8777 7777.

How do you get on the Today show?

If you would like to join the crowd, note that there are no tickets to be on the show. You simply have to leave early and stand outside the Rockefeller Center concourse, where the show is taped. With the Today Show’s popularity, many fans line up early in the morning to be part of the on-air audience.

How do I contact 7news?

If you have a news tip or complaint that is directly related to content on 7NEWS.com.au, including video and photos, you can now send us a message through our WhatsApp News Feed – 0438 777 123. You can also email us directly – tips@7news.com.au.

How do you get booked as a guest on NBC’s The Today Show?

6 Tips For Getting Yourself Booked On NBC’s Today Show. Morning news programs can drive brand awareness, but getting booked is a challenge. … Get real about your chances. … Start branding yourself now. … Create a pitch that works. … Prepare for showtime. … Keep expectations in check. … Don’t get discouraged.

Can I watch today show live online?

The iOS and Android flavors of the NBC app allow you to watch the network’s current lineup as well as a selection of older TV series. … You can watch shows live if NBC owns your local affiliate station. If it’s owned by someone else, then the live streaming won’t work for you.

What time should you arrive at the Today show?

You should come as early as 6:30 AM to receive a good view of the Today Show taping. If a popular celebrity stops by the show, people will start lining up as early as 5:00 AM. Today only films outdoors until 9:00 AM, but you can still be seen from inside.

Where do they film the Today show?

The Today Show’s studio is on ground-floor level at the corner of 49th and Rockefeller Center overlooking Rockefeller plaza. Just outside the studio each weekday many eager tourists wave signs and hope to get on television and show the world and their friends they have made it to NYC.

How do I email Hoda Kotb?

Hoda Kotb’s Email@nbcuni.com.@yahoo.com.

How do I get on the Today Show Virtual Plaza?

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, fill out the form on the Today show’s website. A Today producer will reach out to selected fans with detailed instructions. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Don’t miss Today weekdays at 7 a.m. on NBC!

Where is Tim Davies today?

Tim Davies has been a journalist on Australian television and radio for more than 15 years. Tim is currently Weekend Today Weather Presenter and Nine News Reporter & Presenter.

Do you have to RSVP for the Today show?

You don’t need to RSVP, just show up.