Question: Why Is It Called Bravely Default?

What does bravely default mean?

According to scenario writer Naotaka Hayashi (Steins;Gate) and producer Tomoya Asano, “Bravely Default” means “Have courage and renounce the promises and responsibilities that are expected of you.” You can think of this phrase as acting on your own intuition rather than simply following other people’s requests and ….

Why is it called Bravely Default 2?

Game series producer Tomoya Asano states that the reason for the game’s title, Bravely Default II, was due to his belief Bravely Second did not live up to fans expectations, and its critical and commercial under-performance made it difficult for the team to continue on the series.

Bravely Default entered development as a Nintendo 3DS sequel to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, but Square Enix decided to repurpose the game as a new yet related IP with an original title so as not to confuse modern-day Final Fantasy fans, as the game’s direction is different from the modern games of the series, …

Is bravely second better than default?

Second has much better pacing and level design than Default, but the music and writing take a big hit, and the combat is pretty much the same.

How do you play Bravely Default?

Bravely Default: The Kotaku ReviewDon’t be afraid to turn off random encounters. … Just one or two levels can make a huge difference. … Optimize your time if you’re gonna grind for levels. … Make sure to “update data” once per day. … Don’t forget about Norende Village. … Leave the game in Sleep Mode when you’re not playing.More items…•

Where can I play Bravely Default?

Bravely DefaultJP: Square Enix.WW : Nintendo.