Question: Is Irresistible A True Story?

What is irresistible movie?

A Democratic political consultant helps a retired Marine colonel run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town.Irresistible/Film synopsis.

How does irresistible end?

Through an elaborate ruse, Diana Hastings (MacKenzie Davis) fools both major parties to come to their town, fund the usual dog and pony show, with the end result being a town on the brink being given a second chance.

Is irresistible based on a true story?

Jon Stewart made his directorial debut with Rosewater, based on the true story of something that really happened because of a segment on The Daily Show.

Is Deerlaken Wisconsin real?

“Irresistible” is set in the fictional Wisconsin city of Deerlaken. (Closest thing might be Deer Lake, though it’s a body of water in Polk County.) But filming of “Irresistible” began last spring in Georgia in Atlanta, Rome and Rockmart, a town about 50 miles to the west with a population of more than 4,000.

Where is irresistible 2020?

You can rent Irresistible on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play, FandangoNow, or wherever you buy digital content.

How much money did irresistible make?

Irresistible (2020 film)IrresistibleRunning time102 minutesCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglishBox office$466,50411 more rows