Question: How Do You Use The Word Spread?

What is the phrasal verb of spread?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspread out phrasal verb1 if a group of people spread out, they move apart from each other so that they cover a wider area The search party spread out to search the surrounding fields..

What is another word for growing rapidly?

What is another word for grow rapidly?mushroomexpandincreaseboomburgeonspreadproliferateflourishsnowballsprout238 more rows

Does the word spread?

: to tell others People are spreading the word about his book.

How do you use spread in a sentence?

He spread out his arms and shrugged his shoulders.Its branches spread far and wide.Rampant spread of those wanton in the night.The bird spread its wings.He spread some strawberry jam on his toast. … The plague has spread over many states.A network of railways has spread over the province.More items…•

What is the meaning of word spread?

1a : to open or expand over a larger area spread out the map. b : to stretch out : extend spread its wings for flight. 2a : to distribute over an area spread fertilizer. b : to distribute over a period or among a group spread the work over a few weeks. c : to apply on a surface spread butter on bread.

How do you use the word through?

Thru vs. Through—Which Is Right?Through can be a preposition, an adjective, and an adverb.Through is the only formally accepted spelling of the word.Thru is an alternate spelling that should be used only in informal writing or when referring to drive-throughs.

Are you through Meaning?

Are you through? The phrase could be used to ask if the person has finished the task that is being done at the time of or just before(not long ago) asking. … This phrase represent the past tense and the task could have taken place long ago.

What means up through?

throughoutSo, ‘up through’ means ‘throughout’. “(something) will be the topic of the following chapters up through Chapter 3” means that topic will be approached throughout Chapter 3, from the beginning to the end.

What is spread used for?

A spread is a food that is spread, generally with a knife, onto foods such as bread and crackers. Spreads are added to food to enhance the flavor or texture of the food, which may be considered bland without it. Butter and soft cheeses are typical spreads.

What is the phrasal verb of wear?

Wear away, wear down, wear out and wear through can all be used in this sense, as in ‘The grass has been worn away by the constant tramp of tourists’ feet’ or ‘This type of road surface will wear down ordinary tyres pretty quickly’.

What is it called when you spread the word of God?

Sharing news of something in order to convince someone to join or otherwise accept it. evangelism. ministration. preaching. sermonisingUK.

What does spread out mean?

1 : to open, arrange, or place (something) over a large area He spread out the map on the table. He spread the cards out on the table. The cards were spread out across the table. 2 : to be open, arranged, or extended over a large area The city is spread out over a wide area.

What is another word for Spaced Out?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for spaced-out, like: dazed, spacey, stupefied, high, weird, in a fog, out of touch with reality, out-to-lunch, zoned out, drugged and hopped-up.

What is the difference between Spray and spread?

As nouns the difference between spray and spread is that spray is a fine, gentle, dispersed mist of liquid while spread is the act of spreading or something that has been spread.

What is another way to say spread the word?

other words for spread the word blazon. broadcast. disseminate. noise. promulgate.

What is another word for raise awareness?

What is another word for raise awareness?spread the wordadvertiseadvertizebroadcastcirculatedisseminateinform peoplelet people knowspread the newstell people