Question: How Did Granger And Amber Smith Meet?

Dibbles was a creation of Granger and his brother, Tyler, who is also his manager, as a way to help promote his music.

Smith got his start in music early, signing a songwriting deal with EMI Music Publishing when he was 19 and moving to Nashville..

How did river Kelly die?

The country singer and his wife, Amber, shared the “unthinkable” news that their son, River Kelly Smith, died in a drowning accident at their home in June. He was three years old.

What does Yee Yee mean?

Yee Yee: A country term to express pure excitement or happiness. Tyler Smith launched a lifestyle brand based on a simple expression the brothers coined, “Yee Yee”. The term has become synonymous with the country lifestyle (hunting, fishing, outdoors).

Who is Granger Smith’s brother?

Tyler SmithGranger Smith/Brothers

How old is Amber Bartlett?

39 years (November 16, 1981)Amber Bartlett/Age

What country singer lost his son to drowning?

Craig MorganCraig Morgan lost his son Jerry following a boating accident in 2016. At the time, Jerry was 19 years old and the country music community banded behind Morgan to lift him and his family up in their time of grief.

What is Granger Smith worth?

Granger Smith net worth: Granger Smith is an American country music singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $6 million. Granger Smith was born in Dallas, Texas in September 1979. He is also known by Earl Dibbles Jr.

Who is Granger Smith married to?

Amber Bartlettm. 2010Granger Smith/Spouse

How old is Granger Smith?

41 years (September 4, 1979)Granger Smith/Age

What is Earl Dibbles Jr real name?

Granger Kelly SmithGranger Smith/Full name

How did Granger Smith son drown?

The boy drowned in early June at the family’s Texas home, leading Granger Smith to cancel his CMA Music Festival performance in Nashville. According to the Travis County medical examiner’s report, River was found submerged in the family’s backyard swimming pool after playing with his siblings.

When did Granger Smith Get Married?

February 11, 2010 (Amber Bartlett)Granger Smith/Wedding datesPersonal life. He married Amber Emily Bartlett on February 11, 2010. They met on the set of the music video for Smith’s song “Don’t Listen to the Radio”, and she has been featured in several of his music videos since. The couple has one daughter and two sons.

What country star lost a child?

singer Granger SmithCountry singer Granger Smith is sharing an update with fans following the drowning death of his 3-year-old son, River. Smith and wife Amber announced on June 6 that their youngest son died in a “tragic accident” at the family’s home, writing, “Our family is devastated and heartbroken.”

What happened to Amber Smith’s son?

Amber Smith, the wife of country star Granger Smith, just shared an emotional Instagram post about their late 3-year-old son, River. River tragically passed away in a drowning accident at their Texas home last month.

Where is Yee Yee farm?

– Cruising Back Roads with Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr. The enterprising Smith is a proud Texan whose base of operations is a family farm that lies north of Austin and south of Dallas.