Question: Can I Say Yes Indeed?

How do you put indeed in the middle of a sentence?

Here are some examples:The meal was very expensive indeed.They were speaking very loudly indeed.The fish was very tasty indeed.’Bill Gates is very rich..’ ‘Yes, very rich indeed.


What is the synonym of indeed?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for indeed, like: in-fact, admittedly, in reality, honestly, certainly, fairly, absolutely, undeniable, verily, not-to-mention and surely.

Do we put comma after indeed?

Commas—sometimes paired with semicolons—are traditionally used to set off adverbs such as however, therefore, and indeed. When the adverb is essential to the meaning of the clause, or if no pause is intended or desired, commas are not needed.

What does indeed mean in English?

without any question1 : without any question : truly, undeniably —often used interjectionally to express irony or disbelief or surprise. 2 : in reality. 3 : all things considered : as a matter of fact.

What is the reply of Inshallah?

“In Sha Allah” basically means letting Allah decides what’s good for us, since Allah knows what’s best for us. Three words make up this phrase: “In”, which means “if”; “Shaa’ ”, which means “will;” and “Allah,” meaning “God.” So if someone says “In Sha Allah” you can also say “In Sha Allah” in return.

What does No indeed mean?

1 certainly; actually. indeed, it may never happen.

Do we put comma after Yes?

Yes, you need a comma after Yes or No “Yes” and “no” are always followed by a comma at the start of a sentence. Students are asked to answer questions with sentences starting with “Yes” or “No”.

How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

yes indeed in a sentenceA . … :: Yes indeed-this is a very deep question.She allowed that, yes indeed, they admired Roosevelt.GOVERNMENT : Yes indeed, let’s be nice.Yes indeed, all the world’s a flame.Yes indeed, those people unnerve me more than do the guns.I said, ” Yes indeed, by my father and mother!More items…

What indeed means in Spanish?

indeed adverb verdaderamente, de veras; claro, por supuesto.

What type of word is indeed?

adverbas an adverb (following ‘very’ and an adjective or another adverb): The results were very good indeed.

Can I use indeed alone?

: certainly —used as more emphatic affirmative reply than “yes” alone”Do you know him?” “Yes, indeed!”

Should I put a comma after Yes?

The word “yes” can be an adverb, an interjection or several other parts of speech. … That is, you will usually need a comma after “yes” when the word starts a sentence. Alternately, and if you really want to emphasize the word, you may follow it with a period instead.

What is the reply of indeed?

Indeed!” You can also say “I sure do/did” or “that’s right” or even just use “definitely!”

How do I use indeed correctly?

Use the word indeed to add emphasis to a statement. Think if it as another way to say: “That’s right,” or “Oh, yeah.” Are you seriously going to eat that entire chocolate cake? Indeed, I am.